Hello there!

Thanks for visiting. You’ve wandered into my future costuming blog. This is where I intend to share my experiences- both past and current- with theatrical costuming. I’m a junior at UNC Chapel Hill studying Dramatic Art (Costuming), History and Entrepreneurship and loving every minute of it.

I have a confession of sorts- in the past I have been a terrible blogger. My cliché travel blog died a slow death because I never found the energy to put into explaining what I felt was unexplainable. Now, my perspective is different; I have grown tremendously in the last year academically, personally, and professionally. With the launch of my website, I am ready to start blogging and share what I am constantly learning in this vast profession.

That said, I have a few goals for this shindig. I’ve realized that for learning to be beneficial, you have to apply it. One of the best ways to apply knowledge is to journal, providing a record of one’s ideas, experiments, successes and failures. While I am hoping my work will help you, I am also looking for better ideas and ways to do things from others.

My love of Carolina and recognition of how fortunate I am to attend this university continues to grow as I meet, work and learn from many brilliant professors and students. I want to share their knowledge and wisdom as well; they are an incredibly talented group of people who continue to influence my thinking and deserve to be heard.

Lastly, I’d like to help shrink the learning curve by sharing my experiences, trials and tribulations in pursuit of my passions for costuming and entrepreneurship. I’ve found costuming advice from the oddest places- be it a chemistry student or woodworker- so maybe I can help be that person for someone else.

I’m also a traveler, nature enthusiast, cook and ready to try any food, take offbeat adventures or explore any craft project that comes my way.

Thanks again for stopping by and look for the official Blog launch in May of 2014.